Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions


Milan Design Week 2024 in collaboration with Alessandro Pasinelli Studio
In collaboration with Alessandro Pasinelli Studio, the Alberto Levi Gallery unveils Rugged, a jute rug collection that showcases unrefined treasures and celebrates their versatile material‘s raw and unadulterated beauty. Heeding its long-standing passion for elaborate minimalism, the Alberto Levi Gallery is set to dive into the world of sustainable materials so as to achieve a […]
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Mixed Media

Woven Abstractions of the Berber Women
Moroccan rugs will never cease to amaze me. After over twenty-five years of hunting and gathering the Maghreb, from the Atlantic coast to the Atlas mountains and the arid Saharan desert, I am still mesmerised by the sheer ingenuity and versatility of Berber textile art.  In particular, the last two decades of the previous millennium […]
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From Eurasia with Love

Antique Tribal Textile Art from Persia and the Transcaucasus
For this year’s Fall/Winter exhibition, I am very pleased to present you with a collection that I have put together over the course of many years of hunting and gathering. Persian tribal rugs have been my first love, as I was mesmerised with their abstract patterns and bold colour juxtapositions ever since I got involved […]
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Like A Prayer

A Collection of Antique Anatolian Niche Design Rugs
My love story with rugs began well before I decided to start dealing in them, which is fast approaching its thirty-fifth anniversary. I had always been attracted to great colour and, when I began looking at them more seriously, antique Turkish rugs became my very first obsession. It was an amazing coincidence that these were […]
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Past Exhibitions

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