Milan Design Week 2024 in collaboration with Alessandro Pasinelli Studio

In collaboration with Alessandro Pasinelli Studio, the Alberto Levi Gallery unveils Rugged, a jute rug collection that showcases unrefined treasures and celebrates their versatile material‘s raw and unadulterated beauty. Heeding its long-standing passion for elaborate minimalism, the Alberto Levi Gallery is set to dive into the world of sustainable materials so as to achieve a holistic yet distinctly modern approach to design.

Alessandro Pasinelli, the visionary behind this collaboration, is an eclectic interior stylist & designer whose creative journey is rooted in fashion and textile art. Embodying a commitment to sustainable practices and a multidisciplinary approach, Alessandro’s innovative design pushes the boundaries of spatial expression.

The biophilic design takes centre stage here, merging an innate longing for nature with
the defining features of a contemporary, urban living space. Jute, the main character in this collection, is a biodegradable natural fibre produced with a minimal carbon footprint.

The rustic warmth and organic variations of jute lend these rugs a one-of-a-kind presence. Hand-spun yarns imbue hand-woven patterns with rich complexity, tonal dimension and relaxed sense of proportion, forming soothingly textural aesthetic.

Three captivating collections: Palazzi, Lapilli, and Nodi—each a testament to the harmonious fusion of artistry, sustainability, and the intricate beauty of our natural world.


The world of volcanoes and its many facets. A large regular braid creates shades of small discontinuous chromatic fragments, making it unique and unrepeatable. Warm, delicate, and slightly contrasting, the palette references the geological world and its complexity: Stromboli, Tambora, Santa Ana, and Himalaya.


A classic that edges past the conventional, taking inspiration from horsehair weaves—a regular weave with a movement that resembles a staff. The chromatic nuances are inspired by the most characteristic and significant horse breeds: Izumi, Azteca, Huracan, and Indio.


Buildings that become open-air paintings. Modern (and non-modern) architectures that give life to linear weaves are repeated infinitely. An imperceptible texture projects them into sophisticated, current, and equally relevant environments. The colour palette travels around the world while deliberately maintaining the natural spirit at its core: Milan, Brasilia, Dublin, Utah.

Rugs from the Exhibition

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