Simùn – UNWIND

Alessandro Pasinelli Studio
100% Recycled PET
Hand- woven
300 x 200 cm
9'10" x 6'6"


In creating UNWIND, a collection of outdoor rugs, designer Alessandro Pasinelli draws from the intricate symbolism of winds and the essence of North African design, flawlessly intertwining them.

Invisible to the naked eye but omnipresent in its influence, the wind has been a silent witness to the unfolding of civilisations, shaping the very fabric of human experience with gentle whispers and tempestuous roars since time immemorial.

Viewed through the prism of North African landscapes, each rug in the UNWIND collection encapsulates the enduring interaction between wind and earth. Embracing the timeless wisdom of the wind and acknowledging its sacred role on earth, Alessandro Pasinelli’s designs express elements that resonate with the region’s natural beauty and atmospheric phenomena—one breath at a time.

With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, each rug in this outdoor collection embodies the preservation ethos, as they are ingeniously crafted from recycled materials.

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