We are passionate about rugs and take extra pains behind-the-scenes to ensure they fulfilled every spatial context and bring years of joy to their owners.
For this reason, we are proud to offer you a wide range of ancillary services.


Custom-made rugs allow you to choose your materials, colours, patterns and size. We can create a rug from scratch that perfectly serves your wishes and taste.


We work with professionals from magazines, film productions, events and shows to help create strong settings that meet their vision. Please contact us for details on renting a rug.


Proper care and maintenance ensure the longevity of your treasured pieces. Professional cleaning with the right products, experience and attention is a must and will make all the difference in the resultant appearance of a rug. We hold to the highest, most trustworthy standard to ensure your satisfaction.


We offer professional restoration work on all hand-woven rugs and textiles. Many years of experience and knowledge in the art of conservation and restoration make us a fully integrated operation. In our hands, we guarantee your rugs will last for generations.


Our vast experience enables us to provide you with a professional and confidential valuation of your collection. We excel at determining true value within an ever-changing international market.


Behind every collection lies the mastery of curation. Our genuine love for rugs as an art form has enabled us to cultivate this important niche skill to an exemplary degree. For decades, we have established curatorial relationships with public institutions and private collectors alike.

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