Textile Healing

Creation as a Moment of Healing
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Alberto Levi Gallery in collaboration with Mero Matters Fine Arts is pleased to announce TEXTILE HEALING, an exhibition that will take place at “The Vault”, the ancient Roman cellars of the gallery in Via San Maurilio 24, from January 28th  to March 12th 2022.

The exhibition aims at investigating the process of creation as a moment of healing, learning, meditation, and redemption, through the observation of rare and unexplored objects realized with various weaving techniques.

The creators of the works displayed are, with the exception of Verner Panton, unknown artists of the past: court artisans, brides to be, children, and mothers. They have left to posterity objects that are still contemporary and full of energy.

The knotting and intertwining of these works required knowledge of compositional codes, commitment and patience in their creation. The design of these textiles from China, Turkestan, Anatolia, Afghanistan and Persia but also Spain and Denmark, albeit close to the canons and archetypes of their respective traditions, shows short circuits, freedom of interpretation, openings to new possibilities.

These art works, losing their original function, have undergone a transformation surviving temporary waves and time like the works of the greatest artists.

Rugs from the Exhibition

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