Fuori Orticola 2022

in collaboration with JAN KATH contemporary rug art
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About the Exhibition

The Alberto Levi Gallery will present an installation featuring Jan Kath’s rug collection, of botanical patterns inspired by the boldly floral flat weaves known as Bessarabians.

Bessarabia is the historical region where these rugs were made, now split between the present-day Republic of Moldova and Romania, although many of these rugs were woven in various provinces of Ukraine as well. What makes Bessarabian rugs so desirable today has its roots in a fortunate accident – the weavers of Bessarabia were rural folk with a country aesthetic. Their flat weaves were inspired by floral French and English floral needlepoints, albeit with a more folksy interpretation which made use of their own iconography and choice of palette. The result was rugs with a more informal, laid back character, speaking a timeless language that is highly attractive to modern taste.

It would be difficult to surpass the opulence of the botanical designs offered in this modern Bessarabian pile rug collection. Magnificent roses and lavish floral wreaths form the basic pattern, which is then partially concealed by sumptuous brushstrokes of pure silk–all set against richly coloured backgrounds. The petaled motifs are reminiscent of the traditional shawls and headscarves still worn to this day by the now-elderly women who wove the original Bessarabians.

This collection was crafted by using the best quality Tibetan highland wool and Chinese silk, dyed in rich and vibrant colours, making each end-product a distinct and emotionally powerful work of art. These rugs define the character of the room in which they are placed and create a focal point. They satisfy our need to surround ourselves with elements of nature and its palette, allowing us to bring a curated dose of pastoral colour to our interiors.

Rugs from the Exhibition

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