Erased Heritage

by JAN KATH contemporary rug art

About the Exhibition

“Islands of well-being in every home” is how German designer Jan Kath describes his hand-knotted carpets. Especially after the experiences of the past 1.5 years, the awareness of quality and the longing for durability has witnessed a renaissance – with rugs being an integral part of the contemporary interior.


During MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2021, Alberto Levi Gallery, located in the historical center of Milan, will showcase Jan Kath’s multi-award winning ERASED HERITAGE collection.

Here the motto is “Back to the Roots”. ERASED HERITAGE is a tribute to the antique oriental carpet, reviving age-old classic patterns. Knot by knot, Egyptian Mamluks, Iranian Bidjars or Turkish Konyas are produced in original colours in hand-spun wool and silk. But simply reproducing the old is not Jan Kath’s philosophy. “Erased” implies the use of his signature cancelling effects, which have characterized the contemporary rug world of the last decade. A specially developed antique finishing process ensures that the new carpet looks as if it has been lying in the drawing room of a mansion for many years.


Jan Kath is considered to be the most talented designer in the contemporary rug arena. One of his first clients, and mentor, is Alberto Levi, a world authority on antique oriental rugs and a foremost innovative gallery owner.

Over the years, knowledge and passion for quality has resulted in a mutually fruitful collaboration, culminating in this years’ Milan Design Week exhibition. Together they have selected a refined ensemble of patterns and textures that best expresses the inherent qualities of the ERASED HERITAGE collection. Moreover, the gallery’s courtyard will transform into a meeting place for architects, designers and journalists, providing a great photo background with large format colourful carpet cushions and mattresses.


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Rugs from the Exhibition

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