JK 8
Jan Kath
Silk — Wool
306 cm x 250 cm
10'0" x 8'2"

Carpets tell stories, their patterns and designs often reflect the lifestyles of the people who live on them. Jan Kath’s Grass collection has its origins in the rural areas of Turkey.

To this day, the mainly female weavers there take care of the animals on their farm and work the fields during the day, and in the evenings weave carpets with cows, trees and simple stables. They do not need a predefined design template for this, but follow their intuition and rely on their craftsmanship.

The vast grasslands form the background for these designs and are the inspiration for this new Jan Kath collection. At Grass, the green was stylized and a contemporary, rhythmic pattern developed from this. This design harmonises perfectly with a modern living environment, while at the same time conveying the lively and untouched character of nature, which makes the conscious combination of wool and silk physically tangible.

Jan Kath combines traditional crafts with modern, almost minimalistic design. The secret of the carpets’ aesthetic sophistication lies in the clarity of the design and the clever use of traditional know-how.

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