Serapi Queensbury Sky

JK 13
Jan Kath
Silk — Wool
240 cm x 170 cm
7'10" x 5'6"

Jan Kath studies the motifs of antique rugs and reworks them, introducing elements with a modern and minimalist design.

This is the case in the Erased Heritage collection. It is a tribute to traditional oriental rugs. Kath draws inspiration from ancient patterns and brings Egyptian Mamluks, Iranian Bidjar and Turkish Konya to life, using the original colours.

And so he makes tradition flourish again, heritage.

However, he adds a modern element, represented by the ‘Erased’ of the name of the collection. The designer erodes the surface of the rugs, so as to underline the value of these ancient models, a value that comes from their ability to be handed down over the centuries.

The result is a collection of rugs with a strong nostalgic and dreamy streak.

This is what characterizes all of Kath’s works, the careful care in the realization and the use of ancient procedures that make it possible to obtain high-quality carpets.

In this way Kath manages to revive the true tradition of carpets, that is, that textile capacity of indisputable value!

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