Tabriz Canal Aerial

JK 2
Jan Kath
Silk — Wool
300 cm x 250 cm
9'10" x 8'2"

Jan Kath’s Erased Heritage collection pays homage to the traditional oriental carpet, taking inspiration from historic patterns, techniques and standards of quality. The range is brought to life knot-by-knot by master weavers and comprises hand produced Egyptian Mamluks, Iranian Bidjars and Turkish Konyas, all incorporating original colours through a specially developed antique finishing technique.

It’s fascinating how, over the centuries, different areas have developed such different signature features and styles. The Erased Heritage collection is helping to make sure that these ideas survive into the modern age.

But the simple reproduction of old ideas is not a Jan Kath philosophy. The inclusion of the word “Erased” in the collection name is a clear indication that Kath incorporates his trademark alienation effects in these creations. A specially developed antique finishing technique makes it look as if new rugs have already been lying on the parlor floor of a manor house for years on end.

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