The Kitchen – Beating Heart of the House

The Kitchen - Beating Heart of the House

The Kitchen is today the beating heart of your house, but not long ago, kitchens existed for only one reason – to prepare food; the kitchen was a utilitarian space.
When most affluent upper-class households had servants, most kitchens were designed and built as separate rooms. The kitchen was a service area designed to be separate from the eating and social part of the home.
Over the following years and, social changes occurred, kitchens crept closer to the living areas because homes were designed to function without servants. In other words, families started using kitchen spaces themselves.

Kitchen layouts increasingly began to flow into the main living areas. This evolution laid the foundation for completely open-plan kitchens as we know them. The social implications of these changes had an immediate effect as men began to take on more roles that were once only reserved for women. Cooking became a more involved experience and not just a physiological need. Food preparation became a creative outlet and a tool to show off your sophistication as a host.

The modern kitchen is the beating heart of the home. Whether the preparation and cooking site for delicious meals or the favourite spot for sharing time together to relax and converse, today’s kitchen is comforting, welcoming, friendly, and functional.

In the picture:
‘Scambio’ by Clara Bona

Magazine: Living Corriere della Sera
Photo credits: Beppe Brancato
Styling: Studio Salaris e Daria Pandolfi

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