Maison & Objet, Paris

Maison & Objet paris

Celebrating its remarkable 30th anniversary, the interior design trade show Maison & Objet continues to be a beacon for design enthusiasts and decoration aficionados. This biannual event transforms Paris into a sacred destination for those in search of unparalleled design and decoration inspiration. Simultaneously, the fabric-focused Paris Deco Off adds another layer of allure to the city’s creative ambience.

Since its inception in 1995, Maison&Objet has stood as a formidable force within the global community dedicated to decoration, design, and the art of living. The event serves as a nexus, bringing together renowned brands and fostering meaningful international connections. Maison & Objet’s influence extends beyond physical shows, reaching a global audience through its digital platform.

Maison & Objet possesses a distinctive instinct for identifying and promoting emerging trends that shape the world of decoration. The event is a crucial industry barometer with a mission to showcase talent, facilitate exchanges, inspire creativity, and support business growth. In the pursuit of staying at the forefront of design evolution, the Alberto Levi Gallery team remains dedicated to exploring the globe for antique treasures within the textile realm. Their journey includes trend scouting and uncovering novelties in the interior design field, all to bring the world’s finest inspirations back to Milan. At Alberto Levi Gallery, we don’t just follow trends – we bring the world to you.

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