Architect of Mix & Match

Architect of Mix & Match - Clara Bona

Clara Bona – Individual, Playful, Different

Mix & Match is a style that breaks all taboos and is reminiscent of eclecticism – a design principle in which different objects, styles, materials or elements are freely combined to form something new. Despite artistic freedom and a lack of rules, this home design trend has a common thread: creative exuberance.

Let’s call it: happy clashing!
When people ask us what they should start with when decorating a room, we say: a rug. Obviously.
Nothing pulls a room together quite like a rug does.

Architect of Mix & Match, Clara Bona designed her first rug collections with the Alberto Levi Gallery. However, she has always considered it essential in completing a home.
“I think that an interior design project should start by choosing the rug”, explains Clara. “The right carpet characterises the style of the environment and creates a warm and lived-in atmosphere. Above all, it helps to delimit the space and define its functions: the conversation area in a living room without a rug always seems bare and unfinished.”

And the final result? Three collections that are real show-stoppers.

‘Relazioni’ and ‘Percorsi’ are two very different yet complementary collections, which can also coexist in the same space. Each represents an interpretation of Clara’s style, which is never rigid and monotonous but is always open to new inspirations and contaminations.

Relazioni | Percorsi | Orizzonti
by Clara Bona

Photo credits: Lea Anouchinsky
Furnishing & Decoration: DEESUP



Relazioni | Percorsi | Orizzonti Clara Bona

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