Who is Alessandro Pasinelli?

Alessandro Pasinelli

Alessandro Pasinelli, a versatile interior designer based in Milan, embarked on his creative journey by immersing himself in fashion and textile art. His passion and talent propelled him to establish his own multidisciplinary Design Studio in 2004, where he seamlessly navigated through various domains.

Pasinelli’s philosophy is rooted in admiration towards the great Italian Maestri, which becomes evident in his creations. His affinity for green projects underscores a commitment to sustainable practices, while his innovative and holistic approaches highlight his enthusiasm for the intersection of art, fashion, and design. Always at the forefront of creativity, Alessandro continually explores new communicative languages to express his unique vision.

Based in the vibrant city of Milan, Alessandro lives and works amid a dynamic and multitasking team. Together, they collaborate seamlessly, offering diverse creative solutions that reflect Pasinelli’s passion for design and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Embracing the spirit of sustainability and organic elegance, the collection created by Alessandro Pasinelli features rugs crafted from jute, a natural and eco-friendly fibre known for its warmth and distinctive variations. Hand-spun with precision, the characteristic slubs and twists of jute bestow a unique texture and patina to the hand-knotted patterns, offering rich complexity, tonal colours, and imperfect symmetry.

Alessandro’s comprehensive ethos in interior design finds perfect expression through unveiling two eagerly awaited collections,

‘RUGGED | UNWIND – Elaborated Minimalism’

debuting amidst the grandeur of Milan Design Week 2024.

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