The World of Rugology

The World of Rugology

The proverbial ‘kicking the tires’

Step into the enchanting world of rugology, a captivating journey that unravels the secrets woven into the very fabric of these timeless masterpieces.

This field delves into the past, they embark on archaeological adventures, unearthing ancient rug fragments that whisper tales of trade routes, cultural exchanges, and the rise and fall of civilisations. The craftsmanship of these textiles is an art form, with skilled artisans weaving intricate patterns and motifs that carry the spirit of their culture.

But it doesn’t stop there; rugology embraces the cultural anthropology of rugs, unveiling their significance in rituals, ceremonies, and daily life. These textiles don’t merely lie on the floor; they carry stories of spirituality and protection woven into their fibres.

The study of rugs is an adventure through time and culture, a kaleidoscope of art, history, and human connection. So step closer and listen to the tales woven within these extraordinary textiles – tales that have stood the test of time and continue to inspire wonder and fascination.



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