Spartan, Greece

Spartan, Greece

Spartan interior design is a minimalist approach that aims to create tranquillity and harmony within living spaces. Inspired by the ancient Greek city of Sparta, where simplicity and functionality were highly valued, this design philosophy revolves around the idea that less is more. It encourages to focus on essential elements contributing to calm and well-being.

Spartan interior design embraces minimalist furnishings, a neutral colour palette, natural elements, and soft textures.
Moroccan rugs perfectly fit into this minimalist approach and elevate through various aspects. Their elaborate patterns and intricate designs act as statement pieces, adding character without overwhelming the simplicity. The soft texture offers a comforting contrast to the clean furnishings, providing warmth and a tactile sensation. Their vibrant and earthy hues harmonise with the neutral colour palette, enhancing the sense of tranquillity. Moreover, these rugs create a cultural connection, infusing the space with wanderlust and appreciation for their rich history, making them conversation starters and adding depth to the living environment.

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