Rug + Art Space

Rug + Art Space

Renowned German rug expert Jan Kath has recently inaugurated a new exhibition space in Kathmandu, named the Rug + Art Space, highlighting the intricacies of their craft and the creative journey behind their exquisite pieces. This initiative marks the culmination of the company’s longstanding involvement in Nepal, where they’ve been part of the production landscape since its establishment in 1998.

Jan Kath, the founder and creative force behind the brand, has deeply connected with Kathmandu since his early twenties when he found himself “stranded” in the city while exploring Asia. An encounter with a family friend who happened to be a rug dealer sparked the inception of what has now evolved into one of the world’s leading and most innovative rug brands. This passion for rugs runs in Kath’s family lineage.

Situated in Boudha, amidst the revered Great Boudhanath Stupa and the sacred temples of Pashupatinath, the gallery’s design is the work of the German duo Jakob Gebert and Hanna Krüger. Its primary objective is to showcase the craftsmanship involved step-by-step, elucidating the techniques contributing to the creation of each rug. Visitors can witness a loom in operation and appreciate the meticulous skill involved in crafting these rugs.

Functioning as a showroom and a gallery, this space merges Jan Kath’s rugs with specially curated exhibitions featuring international artists. Kath’s vision for the space is to present local folklore through a contemporary lens, steering away from the conventional depiction of Nepal frozen in tradition and folklore.

The location holds profound significance for Kath. The Boudha stupa drew in refugees from Tibet who brought along their knotting culture to Kathmandu; settling here, they brought forth their ancient craft.

This place holds a special significance; it exudes a unique energy.

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