Par terre /paʁtɛʁ/Barbara Frua

Par terre barbara frua

Barbara Frua, the Milanese interior designer celebrated for her exquisite taste and pioneering design sensibilities, has seamlessly blended sophistication and innovation in her remarkable Par terre rug collection. Renowned as a trailblazer in interior design, Frua redefines the relationship between spaces and the ground they inhabit, infusing artistry into everyday living.

Par terre /paʁtɛʁ/

‘Par terre’, meaning ‘on the ground’ in French, is more than just a demonstration of sophisticated rug craftsmanship; it celebrates tradition, decor, and innovation whilst transcending conventional boundaries, harmonising functionality and aesthetics with each meticulously crafted piece.

Barbara Frua has reimagined iconic drawings, infusing them with vibrant new colours and transporting them into a fresh realm. This transformative process has birthed carpets that embody a seamless continuum.

Trinity of  Techniques

Being at the forefront of innovation and design, Barbara delved into the realm of working with jute, exploring its possibilities with meticulous attention. Her exploration developed three distinct textures employing hand-spun jute, each showcasing her mastery of knotted and woven techniques. Infused with geometric patterns, these designs harmoniously blend diverse cultural inspirations into Barbara Frua’s vision of elegance and timeless decor.

Inspired by the intricate art of Japanese origami, the latest flat weave collection draws from the elegant world where shapes emerge through the interplay of folds and effects of light and shade, much like the delicate crafting of paper sculptures.

Embarking on a transformative journey, infusing timeless drawings with a vibrant spectrum of colours. This evolution has birthed a collection of carpets that pay homage to our heritage and heralds a new chapter in Par Terre’s narrative. Among these, our knotted collection in wool and silk stands as the epitome of sophistication, elevating the essence of our brand to new heights of refinement.

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky.

Barbara Frua is not just a designer but a warrior in the battle against the mundane and uninspired. Her unofficial declaration of war against beige interiors has made her a celebrated figure in decorative textiles and interior design. With a profound love for exotic palettes and a bold approach to colour combinations, Barbara Frua has transformed our perception of interior furnishings.

Her latest collection has defined 24 new colours, allowing clients to make bold choices. With this expansive palette, the possibilities for combining colours are endless, empowering clients to express their unique styles and preferences in every setting.

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Barbara Frua

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