Par terre III

Par terre - Barbara Frua

Barbara Frua is mesmerising the design world once again.

Barbara Frua, the esteemed interior designer, has mesmerised the design world again with her exquisite rug collection, “Par terre.” This collection manifests Barbara’s innate ability to blend artistry and functionality seamlessly. With a deep understanding of spatial dynamics and an eye for detail, she has crafted rugs that are not only visually captivating but also infuse warmth and character into the spaces they grace.

“Par terre,” meaning “on the ground” in French, aptly captures the essence of this collection. Barbara Frua designed these rugs meticulously to anchor the room. Therefore them becoming an integral part of the overall design scheme. Barbara draws inspiration from the natural world, architectural elements, and various cultural influences, infusing each rug with its unique narrative.

One of the defining features of the “Par terre” collection is the masterful combination of colours and patterns. Barbara’s use of bold hues and intricate motifs results in rugs that evoke a sense of vibrancy and vitality yet remain sophisticated and elegant. The rugs serve as striking focal points, enhancing the aesthetics of any room they adorn.

Commitment to Quality and Longevity

The rugs from the Par terre collection are crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail beyond their visual appeal. Using premium materials and traditional craftsmanship techniques, each rug is a testament to Barbara’s commitment to quality and longevity. Whether it’s a luxurious woollen rug with intricate weaves or a sumptuous silk creation that exudes luxury, every piece is a work of art in its own right.

Barbara Frua’s desire to create a harmonious living environment for her clients is evident in the “Par terre” collection. These rugs not only enhance the beauty of a space but also contribute to a sense of comfort and well-being. The textures, colours, and patterns are thoughtfully chosen to complement the existing decor and enrich the ambience, creating truly lived-in and inviting spaces.

With “Par terre,” Barbara Frua continues to push the boundaries of interior design, proving that rugs can be much more than just functional floor coverings. They can be artistic expressions that elevate the entire design scheme, infusing soul and character into the very fabric of a room.

In conclusion, Barbara Frua’s “Par terre” rug collection is a testament to her artistic brilliance and passion for creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging spaces. Through these exquisite rugs, she has once again demonstrated her ability to redefine the role of interior design in shaping how we experience and interact with our living spaces. The “Par terre” collection is a celebration of beauty, art, and functionality, and it cements Barbara’s position as a trailblazer in the world of interior design.

Barbara’s designs go up the wall.

Par terre III will be presented with  SUIMURI, a line of wallpapers conceived in collaboration with Pictalab. We will find classic Par terre designs translated into hand-drawn and painted wallpapers.


We are delighted to invite you to the opening of  Par terre III on

Thursday, March 9, from 6 pm

Par terre III

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