Like a Kiss

like a kiss

As the golden leaves descend, the crisp air fills our mornings and fall-coloured everything reappears; there’s more to autumn than meets the eye.
Nothing is worse than leaving your warm, cosy bed in the morning and stepping out onto a floor that has practically become a sheet of ice overnight.
A beautiful bedroom rug is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to inject opulence, texture and luxury into the space in which you sleep. Not solely a stylish way to savour your feet from getting too cold when you step out of bed on a coldish morning (though they’re great for that, too), a bedroom rug is a vibe-setter and a quick way to boost the style credentials of your boudoir.

A transitioning pleasure from the warmth of your bed to the silky softness of a rug, your bare feet touch like a kiss into a new day.


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