Less Stressed with Distressed

Less stressed with distressed Colour Therapy

From traditional to transitional, this look celebrates faded, worn and softened textiles over time. Stunning muted colour schemes and subtle patterning run throughout, creating the impression of a well-loved piece passed down through the years.
The beauty of a distressed rug is its uniqueness. No two rugs are the same, and no two are the same colour.

Distressed rugs do not hide flaws and imperfections; on the contrary: they highlight them. They are enhanced to show their age without losing their original beauty. The distressed style has been a mainstay in interior design over the past years. They evoke a sense of nostalgia, owing to the belief that particular objects look better as they age.
Nothing beats its vintage, elegantly faded look that holds up beautifully to everyday use, creating the most beautiful patina, one of Alberto Levi’s favourite words.
So, embrace the fade.

And remember: Low maintenance is their middle name.


Colour Therapy

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