Jan Kathmandu

In the heart of Kathmandu’s sacred temple district, amidst the ethereal echoes of tradition and craftsmanship, lies a testament to devotion and artistic prowess. It’s not just a gallery; it’s an ode to passion, a hymn to creativity, a sanctuary of reverence – Jan Kath’s Rug + Art Space.
Envisioned by the German rug virtuoso Jan Kath, this space transcends mere showcase; it embodies the culmination of a lifelong connection with Nepal. Each corner, each meticulously designed exhibit resonates with the soul of Kathmandu, telling stories woven with threads of heritage and innovation.
Kath’s serendipitous encounter in his early twenties laid the groundwork for a journey intertwined with the city’s essence. What began as happenstance with a rug dealer burgeoned into an empire of artistic magnificence. His heart resonates with the rhythm of his passion for this sacred land and its people.
This gallery isn’t just a static display; it’s a living, breathing testament to innovation. Designed by the German duo Jakob Gebert and Hanna Krüger, it breathes life into the very essence of Kath’s vision. An ever-evolving kinetic installation mirrors Kath’s artistry’s fluidity, showcasing the interplay between tradition and contemporary expression.
For Kath, this location isn’t just happenstance; it’s the genesis of his craft.
The Rug + Art Space isn’t just a gallery; it’s a testament to devotion, an evocative saga bridging continents and cultures. It stands as a testament to Kath’s reverence for the past and his innovative spirit, encapsulating the heartbeat of a place where art, culture, and tradition converge in an eternal dance.
This place holds a special significance; it exudes a unique energy.

Photo credits:
Lars Langemeier @larslangemeier
Santosh Chhantyal @santosh.chhantyal


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