Coarse Canvas

They are often stories of a long journey written deep into the fibres. Jute sacks, primarily produced in Asia, once humble vessels for precious cargo, now remind us of a long-forgotten world. In an era dominated by plastic and modernity, these ordinary objects have become relics of a time when craftsmanship and durability were paramount.

Jan Kath has collected the roughly sewn sacks in many countries for years. His appreciation for the intricate tales woven into these sacks has led to a transformative journey in his new collection, COARSED CANVAS. By imagining reassembling these weathered sacks, he highlights their history and imperfections, turning what was once an overlooked everyday item into a luxurious work of art. These rugs preserve the essence of a bygone era and breathe new life into it, captivating us with their rich, organic hues and evoking a sense of nostalgia’s enduring treasures.

In COARSED CANVAS, buckles, tears, and scuffed areas are adopted and brought out as defining elements in the design. This is achieved through the targeted use of hand-combed highland wool and silk. A little-noticed everyday object is upgraded and ultimately elevated to a luxury object.

Jan Kath skillfully dismantles the conventional form into an ‘odd shape’ variant, injecting a dynamic twist by embracing the appearance of a rugged patchwork carpet. Yet, in stark contrast to its jute sack predecessor, this masterpiece is meticulously hand-knotted in the time-honoured rug ateliers of Nepal, where artisans devote months to perfecting their craft.

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