Clara Bona – A Symphony of Hues and Textures

Clar Bona

The esteemed Milanese architect and journalist Clara Bona unfurled a breathtaking dance of colours in her enthralling journey into rug design, partnering with the Alberto Levi Gallery. With her inaugural rug ensemble, ‘Percorsi’ and ‘Ralazioni’, Bona showcased her creative prowess and orchestrated a symphony of hues and textures that echoed her profound grasp of interior design.

Within the tapestry of Clara’s vision lies a revelation—a profound and pragmatic insight. She venerates rugs as decorative pieces and indispensable elements essential to a home’s essence. They are not mere adornments but soul-stirring notes that harmonise a space, infusing it with warmth and vitality. Her perspective illuminates how rugs delineate and furnish purpose to various domains—absent a rug, a living room feels desolate and incomplete, bereft of cosiness and definition.

‘Relazioni’ unfurls a canvas that expertly navigates the choreography of colours, employing wool as its medium, elegantly drenched in a typical Clara Bona palette. It is a playful dance that orchestrates a tantalising interplay of colours—bright and brighter. This deliberate choice orchestrates a visual opulence, breathing depth and personality into each rug within the collection.

Meanwhile, ‘Percorsi’ is a reverie for connoisseurs who cherish the allure of minimalism without forsaking the embrace of warmth and character. Nevertheless, what sets this collection apart is the artisanal craftsmanship encapsulated within each piece. Every rug is a testament to the meticulous handiwork, meticulously hand-knotted in India and Nepal—an homage to the skill and commitment of the artisans.

Clara Bona’s architect and interior designer approach bridges the gap between practicality and artistry. Her work reflects the essence of an artisan, intertwining functionality, creativity, attention to detail, and a commitment to timeless design, establishing her as a practical artisan in the realm of architecture and interior design.


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Clara Bona