Back to Nature

Back to Nature

DMW Interiors Biophilic design brings your innate love of nature into your interior. Incorporating natural elements into the home is suitable for well-being and mental health because we have an innate biological need to feel connected.
Natural fibre rugs bring precisely that to the table,…ahm floor.

But then, they’re inherently beautiful. Made of dried plant fibres and usually left the colour of their original tanned selves, their natural hue is an earthy brown, and their natural texture lends a relaxed, cosy vibe. Their higher-than-average durability makes them a practical choice, too.
Nettle is a soft, lightweight fibre that creates its silky lustre. These qualities make them perfect for carpets, bringing a different texture and look to your interior. Our nettle carpets dye the yarn in batches, giving the rug a significant colour variation and abrash.

The natural variations that distinguish the flat-woven, sustainable hemp and nettle rugs from our Textural collection lend these a unique, organic identity. The fine hand-spun yarns imbue a rich complexity to the patterns.