ARTS – Antiques Rugs & Textiles Show

ARTS - Antiques Rugs & Textiles Show

Welcome to the heartwarming tale of the Antique Rugs & Textiles Show! Now in its 14th season, this event holds a special place in my heart as I am one of its founding members.

Picture this: The Capri Motel, a cosy haven for rug dealers, stood as the primary accommodation hub during the San Francisco Tribal and Textile Arts Show, a beloved February tradition near Fort Mason. At the Capri Motel, we shared more than just rooms; we shared stories, passion, and the magic of antique textiles.

In the days leading up to the exhibition, we would eagerly send our treasures to the Capri Motel. Local collectors hungry for unique pieces, would visit us there, turning the motel rooms into bustling marketplaces. Privacy and the motel’s charm made it the perfect setting for these swift transactions. Surprisingly, many of us did more business there than at the main event.

This led to a brilliant idea: What if the Capri Motel became the actual venue for our show? Enthusiastically embraced by an international lineup of colleagues, all passionate about antique textile arts, this idea took flight.

A Contemporary Caravanserai

In October 2008, the Capri Motel underwent a stunning transformation. Its parking lot resembled a 19th-century Middle Eastern caravanserai, while ancient textiles adorned mid-century modern balustrades. The motel’s twisting alleyways and staircases led visitors into a treasure trove of rare masterpieces. Each motel room became a mini-gallery, where exquisite rugs hung from black cardboard panels, softly illuminated in the best possible way a 50s motel room could provide.

As we gather for this annual event, jet lag still tugs at our senses. The show caters to our needs with flexible hours, allowing transactions to unfold well into the midnight hours. Some drift off to sleep on queen-sized beds adorned with woven tribal trappings. In contrast, others engage in spirited conversations in the corridors, balconies, or ground-floor rooms that transform into a never-ending party of kindred spirits.

What truly sets this show apart is the sense of camaraderie that fills the air. Despite travel challenges and the ever-present restrictions, we will go the extra mile to ensure this event happens. We have forged an ever-expanding, international, and multicultural family that eagerly anticipates this yearly reunion.

And so, we extend our warmest welcome to all. If you’re a seasoned rug collector, a museum curator, or simply someone eager to learn more about the world of antique textile art, we invite you to join us. This gathering of kindred souls is where every visitor becomes a cherished part of our extended family. We eagerly await your presence and the stories, treasures, and memories you will bring to the Antique Rugs & Textiles Show. See you soon!


Arts – Antiques Rugs & Textiles Show

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