Teal Green Mujur Prayer Rug

Circa 1800
160 cm x 120 cm
5'3" x 3'11"

This teal green Mujur Prayer Rug with its beautiful teal background of this example is complemented by a palette of outstanding quality, including an abundant use of aubergine purple. It’s hard to find niche colour variations in Mujur rugs, as most are woven with a characteristic red background, some very rare yellow grounds are known and remains the rarest shade.  The characteristic tile pattern of the border shows a ‘Crivelli’ type star creating a quincuncial motif that is repeated in countless chromatic combinations. The niche spandrels greatly deviate from the norm, where the ewers are replaced by diagonal sets of squares arranged by colour, appearing almost as fireworks in the distant background of the niche.

  • Warp: wool, ivory
  • Weft: wool, black, 2 shots between knotted rows
  • Knot: symmetrical, weaving direction opposite to niche, very slight warp depression
  • Knot count: 9H x 9V = 81 knots/square inch
  • Selvages: flat, two sets of paired warps wrapped with rust coloured wool
  • Ends: missing
  • Colours: teal green, mahogany red, medium blue, light blue, turquoise, light yellow, light green, aubergine, dark brown, ivory (10)
  • Condition: unrestored; medium pile allover with visible areas of wear and corrosion


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