Woven Geometry Bronze

Northwest Persia
320 cm x 254 cm
10'6" x 8'4"

A stunning wool kilim handwoven in a small village workshop by the same people who have been weaving them for centuries, on nearly identical narrow vertical looms. The technique is a very sturdy interlocking weft plain weave with extra weft brocading, all in the best quality hand-spun wool. The character is very textural and makes it an ideal floor covering for situations where sturdiness is required without having to resort to knotted pile. This glorious example is characteristically woven by joining three individually woven panels. The colour of the background is composed of wool dyed in taupe. The subtle brocaded pattern is woven in natural tones of champagne. The sturdy texture of this kilim makes it a perfect candidate for high traffic areas. Its outstanding quality makes it an ideal complement to any vintage or antique rug. It can be customized to any size.

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