White ground tent band

Circa 1900
Southern Persia
458 cm x 10
15'0" x 3"

There are very few pieces in the literature which can be compared to this very rare band, which is in immaculate condition. The closest example (Eiland 2003 , fig. 26, p. 94) has a blue ground and is woven with a warp-faced plain weave structure patterned by symmetrical pile. It depicts in relief the women of the tribe, who are also the weavers and principal sustainers of nomadic life. A similar band with a slightly different pattern on a dark blue ground is in the Reza Zollanvari collection (HALI 186, Winter 2015, fig. 2, p. 125). The only other white ground example, although with a different pattern, is in the Neiriz collection and was exhibited at the Ethnographic Museum in Berlin Dahlem (HALI 120, 2002, p. 115).

Odo Weiss Collection, Vienna.

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