Antique Floral Qarabagh Rug

Circa 1930
Southern Caucasus
261 cm x 137 cm
8'6" x 4'5"

The floral ornamentation typical of French and English carpets of the 18th-19th century has influenced specific oriental carpet families. In the Caucasus, this style became extremely fashionable among the Russian aristocracy of the 19th century, which were enamoured with the grandiosity of European decorative arts. While this type of floral design became quite common for flatweaves (such as Bessarabian kilims) it appears almost exclusively on the pile weavings from the Qarabagh region, located in the southern Caucasus. This relatively late example of the type is distinguished by a lively and well-articulated palette and by an elegant arrangement of the floral bouquets, the latter being rendered with extreme precision.

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