Rug with Hourglass Design

Circa 2000
Middle Atlas, Morocco
Industrial Yarns — Recycled Yarn
98 x 68 cm
3'2" x 2'2"

During the last quarter of the 20th century there was an increased use of materials alternative to wool, ranging from industrial fibres to a series of recycled fabrics of different kinds. Initially these were employed in order to embellish certain design features of the predominantly wool pile rug. Towards the end of the century we see an increased use of alternative materials, especially as these provided a much more affordable solution for weavings which were not woven for sale but were destined to the less visible areas of their home. 

In many cases, such as the one illustrated here, the use of less precious materials afforded the opportunity for the weaver to free herself from the expectations of demand, focusing instead on expressing her most personal style.


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