Berber Haik

Circa 1990
Anti Atlas, Morocco
Mejjat tribe
Industrial Yarns — Recycled Yarn
290 x130 cm
9'6" x 4'3"

Flat-weaves of this kind are ascribed to the Mejjat tribe, which inhabit the southern portion of Anti Atlas mountains, close to the border of the Sahara desert (Viola, Sachs 2019). The blankets woven by this tribe are distinguished by an abundant use of curved wefts, which impart a peculiar dynamics to the composition. These typically employ a full spectrum of shades offered by alternating clusters of natural, undyed wool with dark goat hair. In this ‘mixed media’ version the weaver brilliantly employs a plethora of materials she had available, ranging from lurex to cotton mixed with other industrial fibres, creating a stunning ensemble of contrasting stripes of varying densities.

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