Vintage Rehamna Berber Rug

Circa 1920
Plains of Marrakesh, Morocco
375 cm x 170 cm
12'3" x 5'6"

The carpets of the Rehamna derive from the so called Haouz, a landscape of hills and plains situated between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean mostly inhabited by Arabic groups and arabised Berbers. Their weavings can be divided in two distinct groups, one distinguished by red/orange open fields and the other, called zarbiya, with the field punctuated by a series of abstract motifs similar to the iconography of the neighbouring Boujad weavings. The Rehamna are characterised by an additional selvedge wrapping in black wool or goat hair, creating the typical sawtooth indentations we see on the sides. The present example is an iconic example of the latter type, distinguished by a horizontal layering of blocks of pattern similar to painterly brushstrokes. The visual impression is as if the rich red, orange, ivory and black field has been embellished by ancient motifs, creating an abstract landscape in which we recognise pattern yet we also see its complete negation. A truly magnificent, early and rare example of Moroccan Berber weaving at its best.

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