JK 36
Jan Kath
Silk — Wool
150 knots
300 cm x 250 cm
9'10" x 8'2"

Light is comprised of many colours. It shows this off in a particularly spectacular fashion in the northern lights, visible in the winter months in the far north.

This spectacle of nature was an inspiration for the JAN KATH collection SPECTRUM, as were the myths and fairy tales about dancing lights above gloomy moors and in dark pine forests. Knot for knot, the spectrum of light is translated into wool and silk, and that fleeting moment is captured in the carpet so that the beholder can let themselves be caught up in it. The realisation of this design, which is hand-knotted at the manufacturer in Nepal, is intricately complicated and entails up to 40 different colours that bleed into each other in a soft gradient. In SPECTRUM, Jan Kath works on a wider scale, opening up new worlds of colour that could serve as a background for classic ornaments in the next step

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