Sumak bag face

Circa 1830
Moghan-Savalan plain, Northwest Persia
39 x 34 cm
1'3" x 1'1"

Very finely woven and with strongly patinated colours, this sumak bag face is also quite possibly the front panel of a chanta. The pattern consists of four square compartments containing negative cloud heads’ (Wertime 1998, p. 33), a quartered motif seen especially on weavings from the descendants of the Oghuz Turks, obtained by colouring the negative spaces of the cruciform, stylised version of the cloud collar motif (see Bruggemann, Böhmer 1983, pp. 60-78, and 204-206). The delicate proportions of the pattern and its relationship with the archaic rendering of the eight-pointed star border are indicative of its great age.


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