Rug with Polychrome Squares

Circa 1980
Ourika Valley, Central High Atlas
Industrial Yarns — Wool
204 x 148 cm
6'8" x 4'10"

The juxtaposition of polychrome squares is an ancient design concept which finds its roots in the Neolithic culture of the African continent. We see countless interpretations of this pattern throughout Morocco, each distinguished by a signature style characteristic of its region of origin. In this example from the southern Ourika valley, the weaver alternates her choice of materials, which consist here of wool and industrial fibres, in order to obtain exactly what she had in mind, that is a truly unique sequence of chromatic associations which constantly push us out of our comfort zone. The improbable shades of blue obtained from synthetic yarns clash delightfully against the dreamy notes of yellow, red and apricot coloured wool, while the irregularly shaped squares are randomly yet progressively embellished by contrasting motifs. It’s as if the weaver is improvising over a tune that she truly owns, letting herself flow into the pattern with spontaneity, thus penetrating its deepest levels of expression.

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