Rug with Flowering Vases and Heraldic Lions

Circa 1780
Alpujarra, Southern Spain
235 cm x 150 cm
7'8" x 4'11"

Alpujarra rugs were traditionally woven between the 15th and the 19th centuries in the villages of the Alpujarra district, located in southern Spain in the Granada region. These are woven in wool on a linen foundation by means of a loop pile technique, which is one of the earliest weaving methods known to mankind as seen on a number of ancient fragmentary rugs. Alpujarra rugs were often commissioned by the local aristocracy, this being sometimes documented with inscriptions. The pattern here consists of parallel and offset rows of flowering vases, providing an elegant chromatic contrast against the indigo blue background. Two pairs of rampant crowned lions embellish the composition at its corners. We sometimes encounter similar Alpurarra rugs with inscriptions and dates that range throughout the 18th century.

Nilufar, Milano.

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