Rug with curved niche

Circa 1800
189 cm x 112 cm
6'2" x 3'8"

A rug that speaks a primal lexicon, beginning from the unusual shape of the top of the niche and continuing with the syncopated rhythm of the field, sparsely decorated with randomly arranged motifs. Even the border looks peculiar, with the sawtooth leafs appearing as if suspended in air by the absence of the ever present calyx motif. The palette here is particularly pleasing, and paint a picture of an ancient, uncontaminated nature that I find myself yearning.

  • Warp: wool, ivory
  • Weft: wool, light pink-tan, 2-3 shots between knotted rows
  • Knot: symmetrical, weaving direction is adjacent to niche, no warp depression
  • Knot count: 4H x 5V = 20 knots/square inch
  • Selvages: flat, two sets of paired warps
  • Ends: top with remnants of red and ivory striped warp-faced plain weave
  • Colours: coral red, turquoise green, light blue, copper orange, dark brown, ivory (6)
  • Condition: unrestored; conserved on a dark brown cotton backing
Private Collection, Istanbul

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