Rug with Anthropomorphic Figure

Circa 1990
Boujad, Southern Middle Atlas
Wool, recycled and industrial yarns
230 x 110 cm
7'6" x 3'7"

Since the 13th century the Boujad region has been the epicentre of Moroccan Islamic mysticism, influencing greatly the Berber population of the area, who in turn embraced disciplines such as Sufism as they presented an approach that was similar to their pre-Islamic beliefs (Rainer 2005, p.105). Its effect can be seen in the complex patterns which distinguish the rugs of the region, as well as in the weavings from the nearby Rehamna and Azilal areas.

In this abstract composition in mixed media, we see what feels like a perspectival arrangement of vertical brush strokes which enclose a central element, the latter appearing as a somewhat skeletal anthropomorphic figure. The weaver makes a clever use of recycled and industrial fibres, contrasting these in well-dosed volumes against the dark wool background, in order to better emphasise specific features of her composition. 


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