Righe 2

Clara Bona
184 x 83 cm
6'0" x 2'8"

‘Relazioni’ employs geometric shapes combined with a rich palette, matched to create harmonious yet unpredictable compositions. The design takes shape through the intersection of various forms, creating a balance between fullness and emptiness, conceived for an eclectic home which welcomes the boldness of colour. Thanks to the balance in their composition, these designs can be integrated into very different contexts, and feel as if they were always part of the space. They are also ideal in more neutral interiors, with light-coloured walls and a sparse use of furniture: thanks to their very strong visual impact, these can become the real focus of the interior. The ‘Relazioni’ collection is hand-knotted in Nepal, employing precious, hand-spun Himalayan wool, hand-dyed in a range of eleven colours that Clara offers in various combinations.

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