Rare Antique Yarkand Distressed Carpet

Circa 1780
East Turkestan
340 cm x 155 cm
11'1" x 5'1"

A rare and early Yarkand large format rug, distinguished by an infinite repeat pattern of the so-called ‘five-flower herati’ motif on a soft red background. 18th century rugs from eastern Turkestan are among the rarest to find, and this elegant example retains its original patina as it is in untouched condition. Despite the wear it has sustained for well over two centuries it is still in very usable condition. The colours are all clear and bright, as it’s typical for the period, especially as it has never been restored so all that we see is original. Should one desire of course it can be restored to perfection, although it might also lose much of its charm.

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