Rare and Unusual Antique Uzbek Julkhyr Rug

Circa 1900
Central Asia, West Turkestan
170 cm x 105 cm
5'6" x 3'5"

Julkhyrs are the long-piled rugs of the Uzbeks of Central Asia and are representative of an ancient weaving tradition when carpets were woven by the people living in the freezing highlands of central Asia in order to substitute the animal fur, offering warmth for inside the tent. Because of the narrow looms available by the nomads they are woven in narrow panels, like in this case, then stitched together to create the rug.

This example is particularly unusual since it displays a unique pattern and colour way for this group, which is typically decorated by an open field. The presence of a fully saturated yellow and the abundant presence of green is an indication of its early vintage. The original decorative tassels are also quite rare to find and suggest that this was originally used as an ornament for the wall of the yurt – the tent of the nomads of Central Asia.

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