Quadrato Magico Reverse

Barbara Frua
Cashmere wool
300 cm x 90 cm
9'10" x 2'11"

Barbara Frua De Angeli is a leading Milanese interior decorator and famed designer. Her work pays homage to Milan’s decorative arts tradition in an eclectic fashion, often at crossroads between art and design. She is considered by many as the natural descendant of Giò Ponti, who was also a friend of her family. For this year’s Milan Design Week, Barbara Frua has created a collection of rugs for the Alberto Levi Gallery entitled ‘Par Terre’. These flat woven rugs are hand woven in hand-spun, precious Cashmere wool by means of the chain stitch technique, a type of embroidery that is characteristic of Indian textiles since the Mughal period. Quadrato Magico Reverse consists of a very elegant star octagon element connected to each other by means of a refined interlace motif. This design is used either as a border for traditional rug formats or as a centralized motif for rugs in runner format. It can be woven in any size and we currently have in stock a 300 x 250 cm and a 360 x 270 cm rug, the latter being the one presented here. These carpets are backed with a sturdy cotton lining and can be used as floor coverings in any areas, from low traffic to living and dining rooms.

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