Pile spoon or spindle bag face

Circa 1870
Moghan-Savalan plain, Northwest Persia
64 cm x 24
2'1" x 9"

A very rare and unusual bag face, originally the front panel of a spoon bag or possibly a spindle bag of a Shahsavan weaver. The pattern is composed of parallel and offset rows of colourful diamonds enclosing a cruciform motif, which is very similar to that of the famous complete sumak saddlebag, which had been divided between the Cassin and the Rudnick collections (see Wertime, 1998, plate 87).

Leslie Orgel Collection, San Diego; Private Collection, U.S.A.
J. Collins, Persian Piled Weaving: A Collection of Non-Urban Piled Bags, Newburyport 2008, plate 46, pp. 92-93.

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