Pile saddlebag half

Circa 1870
Southwest Persia
57 x 53 cm
1'10" x 1'8"

A fine khorjin with a velvety surface and excellent colour saturation, showing three rectangular compartments enclosing motifs rendered in a style that is reminiscent of Shahsavan work. Plenty of care was dedicated in executing the closure panels, which are the the result of a complex form of weft float brocading. The ‘bird head’ border is characteristic of a cluster of Qashqa’i bags, of which we know of at least two other examples (Black, Loveless 1979, plate 29 and Collins 2008, plate 18, p. 36). The use of high quality wool together with the impeccable construction of the bag, including a beautifully coloured striped back, is typical of the work of the Qashquli sub tribe.

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