Pile saddlebag face

Circa 1870
Khamseh Confederacy, Southern Persia
75 x 54 cm
2'5" x 1'9"

One of the finest Basiri bag faces I had ever had the pleasure to handle, with a knot count of over 120 kpsi, employing the softest silky wool and a full range of intensely saturated dyes. Here the iconic 16-sided central polygon is impeccably drawn with ivory hooks, contrasting against a maroon background, surrounding as if protecting the central blue star octagon containing a polylobed rosette. Also the herati pattern embellishing the dark blue background is rendered with extreme precision, together with the ‘bird head’ border which is unusual for this type. The complex weft float brocading of the closure panels is a further indication of the high level of competence of the weaver.

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