Simone Haug
303 x 255 cm
9'11" x 8'4"

Simone Haug, a visual artist hailing from Bern, Switzerland, created ‘Niches’ as part of her artistic oeuvre. This artist rug, a limited edition of five examples (with the present one serving as the artist’s proof), came to life through collaboration with Alberto Levi. Alberto, who has a passion for both antique and contemporary carpets, played a key role in its realization.

In ‘Niches,’ the artist explores the stacked niche element, drawing inspiration from old central Anatolian Tulu rugs. Through her creative process, she has crafted a pattern that seamlessly bridges an archaic past with a vision of a bright future.

‘Niches’ is meticulously handwoven using Persian knots and features high-quality, hand-spun New Zealand wool with exceptional fiber length. This choice of material results in an exceptionally soft and durable pile. The weaving technique incorporates a high/low textural structure reminiscent of Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian rugs. What sets this particular quality apart is its unique texture, distinct from the regular products available in the market. To achieve this distinctive texture, the mill has perfected a multiple-run washing technique.

Simone Haug’s ‘Niches’ is a testament to the artist’s dedication and craftsmanship, making it a strong contender in the ‘Best Studio Artist Design’ category for the 2022 Carpet Design Awards – The International Competition for Outstanding Carpet.

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