Niche Design Rug with Coupled Columns

Circa 1900
178 cm x 140 cm
5'10" x 4'7"

A very expertly woven prayer rug, quite possibly from the Ghiordes area, displaying a coupled-column niche with spandrels decorated in the manner of early Kula prayer rugs, combined with a carnation pattern typical of Group B Ghiordes rugs. All the ivories are in cotton. The velvety texture of the pile is quite unlike that of most ‘Ghiordes revival’ rugs woven at the height of the fashion, in the early years of the 20th Century. An Anatolian weaving of great quality, curiously woven with the Persian knot.

  • Warp: cotton, ivory Weft: cotton, ivory, 2 shots between knotted rows
  • Knot: asymmetrical open right, weaving direction opposite to niche, slightly depressed warps
  • Knot count: 11H x 20V = 220 knots/square inch
  • Selvages: flat, two/three sets of paired warps
  • Ends: bottom end with weft-faced plain weave
  • Colours: ivory, red, blue green, blue, peach, light brown, taupe, dark brown, white (cotton) (9)
  • Condition: very good with overall full pile; tiny split in the niche

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