Long Rug with Vertical Brushstrokes

Circa 1990
Western Middle Atlas
Industrial Yarns — Wool
205 x 80 cm
6'8" x 2'7"

A group of narrow runners with bold patterns and frequent use of recycled and synthetic fabrics appears to originate from the western foothills. Another example of long rug, originating from the Arabic tribes populating the area between the Boujad region and the Atlantic coast. These are distinguished by the boldly abstract character of their patterns. Here we see a juxtaposition of natural wool and vertical brushstrokes of coloured synthetic yarn, creating an image that is somewhat characteristic to the various regions bordering with the Boujad area. Indeed the Arabic presence throughout this area of Morocco, which originates from Yemen and dates back to the 13th century, has catalysed the already inherently complex design pool to veer more towards abstraction (Rainer 2005, p. 107).

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