Kotan Qianlong Sky

JK 34
Jan Kath
Silk — Wool
100 knot
398 cm x 300 cm
13'0" x 9'10"

Particularly impressive: the “East Collection”. Inspired by the thousand-year-old Chinese symbol of good luck, the dragon, the Bochum-based designer created carpets with precisely this motif after travelling to Chinese metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai and the old imperial city of Xi’an. In typical Kath fashion, these naturally have a modern twist, which also originates from an ancient tradition here – but this time from Japan. The art of kintsugi is a Japanese method of glueing broken ceramics together with coloured putty and using powdered gold or platinum to make the fracture lines visible. In this way, the blemish is highlighted and not concealed. And it is precisely in this sense that Kath sees “its own magic in the defective”, which shimmers through in the East designs, above all in the gaps that Kath filled in with luminous silk.

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